February 27, 2021 | By Amy

I decided to make an operating system - that only prints peoples names





  1. Download the iso you want from my GitHub
  2. Burn to a blank CD
  3. Boot it!

Amy. Why did you do this?

Why not?

I was learning how to make an OS, mainly for fun cause I was bored during lockdown school (I had a free lesson). When I got home I decided to tweet this:

Reply to this tweet to get your own OS which does nothing but prints your name (or a message of your choice) to the screen!

— Amy (@amyabie) February 24, 2021

This was a lot of fun and made me actually add a decent printf to my kernel.

Should I try make this?

Why not? Its a great learning experience, and you can have a lot of fun while doing it! You could start by learning how mine works by looking at my source.